My History and Experience Bookkeeping and Accounting in Palm Springs

My History and Experience

From a young age I demonstrated a strong aptitude for numbers and an ability to work with complex organizing. I am originally from Portland, Oregon and still have an extended family network and history there and around the Pacific Northwest.

In 1983 I moved to San Francisco where I began my career in bookkeeping and accounting, starting with paper based systems. I did some temporary work at various corporations including Levi Strauss and the Museum Society of San Francisco. After serving an apprenticeship in double entry bookkeeping and income taxation issues for a highly accomplished businessman I started working through the difficult early days of MS-DOS and Windows based accounting systems and have worked on Apple based systems as well.

For 10 years I worked as the controller for the largest contemporary furniture showroom in San Francisco. For 5 years after that I did freelance work for various businesses including a successful advertising agency and a couple of internet start-ups.

From 1999-2006 I relocated to the Seattle area and ran my own branded business selling high end mid-century furniture and decorative arts and established one of the earlier web based selling platforms serving individual clients, Nordstrom’s and a number of New York based design and architecture firms.

As much as I enjoyed running that business and had many successes, In 2006 I decided that I wanted to relocate to Palm Springs and offer my services rather than running an inventory based business.

Since then I have worked freelance providing bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses in the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area.  Though I am fluent in many business programs and have worked with other accounting programs I am especially proficient and a Certified Pro Advisor in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop products.

I have worked in many industries including:


Art  dealers and galleries

Commercial and residential property management


Doctors and medical providers

Entertainment and event production companies 


Healthcare  marketing

Interior design

Law offices

Professional services


Real estate sales 


Service businesses 

Solar sales and installations

Tech based businesses including an early Bitcoin and social media based startup

I look forward to applying my diverse small business background to your company and helping to make you more successful. Are you interested in my help? 

Contact me.