We asked Erskine to bring our existing accounting records into shape and then work with us going forward.  I had been doing them previously on Excel and we needed to bring them into Quickbooks Online and make sure that everything was consistent with GAAP.  Erskine put to work his considerable skill, diligence and knowledge to get us into shape.  

He approaches his work with professionalism and ingenuity based on his vast experience.  I am also very pleased that he is honest and very fair in his billing.  In all, we are extremely satisfied with Erskine and look forward to a long relationship.

Doug Nelson

Great Shakes

Palm Springs and Riverside, CA

June, 2018


I am a CPA who has worked with Erskine Wood for several years.  I have referred several clients to him and still refer clients to him. He has referred clients to me, as well.  He is my go-to primary bookkeeping referral.

I find his work both competent and fairly priced.  This is not faint praise.  Usually it’s one or the other, and sometimes not either.  I am a stickler for clean bookkeeping, and he doesn’t disappoint me.

And many people who offer bookkeeping services do it as a second job, which makes them difficult to work with during business hours.  This is Erskine’s profession.  He works when you do.

Michael E. McGinnis, CPA

71-780 San Jacinto Drive, Suite H2

Rancho Mirage, CA  92270

Phone: (760) 341-3904

Fax: (760) 341-5528


June, 2018


Erskine Wood has been working as my bookkeeper since October 2008.  I am in the business of providing healthcare marketing solutions to various medical offices across the country as well as interior design services for the same.

Through the years we’ve become well acquainted and worked through a number of changes in the business world.  I have operated as a Corporation and a Sole Proprietor and Erskine has been very helpful in making those transitions.  We started using Quickbooks for Windows, then Quickbooks for Mac and now the Quickbooks Online products.  Erskine has provided his expertise on making all of those transitions as well.

We originally started working when I was based in Indio, California and continue to work together although I have since moved to Chicago.

Erskine is helpful, pleasant, cooperative and trustworthy.  He has also helped me with my personal bookkeeping with discretion and honesty.

We enjoy working together and share a great love of dogs.  As a small business owner with a very active life I have found him to be a very supportive team mate.

Catherine Erikson

The HeathCare Marketing Group

Chicago, IL

June, 2018


This is a letter of recommendation regarding Erskine Wood.  Erskine was our bookkeeper here at Colin Fisher Studios in Cathedral City, CA (a fine arts gallery including antiques, art objects, paintings, sculpture and more), where we employ a total of five people for nearly seven or more years.  Erskine was solely in charge of handling all bookkeeping and bookkeeeping related business.  Sometimes even more.  Those duties included but were not limited to; payroll, payroll accounting and reports.  Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, petty cash, state sales tax accounting and reports.  QuickBooks Pro, Inventory, cost accounting, balance sheets, P&L Statements and too much more to even mention.

Additionally, Erskine handled my personal banking and accounting needs along with reports done weekly and monthly, including payiing all bills, credit card payments.  Plus Erskine prepared the books for yearend audits conducted by our CPA and accounting firm.

At one time, Erskine owned a mid-century collectables and furniture business which he later closed.  Much of what he did marketing wise was also characteristic of what we do here at the gallery.  At times we would turn to him for writing or editing copy for either advertising or other marketing we would do from time to time.  It was not unusual to witness Erskine, to be brain storming or recommending ways to consider doing business better either because of apparent accounting needs or the result of having an open eye in general.

A shift in business accounting was the only reason he isn't currently part of our day to day operation.

If you have any questions or wish to talk further, don't hesitate to call me

Most Sincerely,

Colin Fisher

Colin Fisher Studios Inc.

Cathedral City, CA

(760) 324-7300

March, 2012

(PDF Copy of Letter Available Upon Request)


This is to certify that Erskine Wood, whose signature appears below, was employed by Vogue Interiors since June 1986 and is leaving our employ voluntarily due to the imminent closing of the company.

Erskine has progressed over the years from bookkeeper to Corporate Accountant which position he has held for over five years and in the process demonstrated a rare talent and a real "can do" attitude to every problem he has had to handle from computers to tax effective accounting.

He fits well into existing business structures and will prove invaluable for recent start-up companies because of his knowledge of systems, forms, security procedures as well as familiarity with different computer-based accounting programs including DOS, Windows and Macinstosh platforms, in fact his experience is equal to many twice his age.

You will find Erskine a most valuable addition to your company and I am only too happy to add my personal recommendation by telephone at (707) XXX-XXXX (Disconnected)

Ralph B. Rosenblum


September 1, 1995

(PDF Copy of Letter Available Upon Request)